Stewardship Agreements Forest Service

The agreement on the joint management of forests and range lands in California provides for the federal government`s commitment to meet California`s goal of reducing the risk of forest fires to 500,000 hectares of forest per year. To protect public safety and ecology, experts agree that at least one million hectares of California`s forests and wilderness areas must be treated annually in different legal systems. Integrated resource services contracts should be used when service costs exceed the value of wood. These models are provided only as examples and can be updated without notice and must be adapted for each project. Forest service staff should visit the internal acquisition management, Stewardship Contracting site to find current versions of the models for the development of new IRIs. The first proposal concerns construction and reconstruction contracts, whether or not additional land management activities are included. The second proposal applies to all land management activities, with the exception of construction. Appendix B is inserted into one of the two models to process timber harvesting activities. With Shared Stewardship, we work with a large number of partners to do the right job in the right place and on the right scale. By coordinating at the state level to set priorities, we will be able to increase the scope and scope of critical forest treatment, support municipalities and improve forest conditions.

Among the features of the authorisation rules, Forest Service and BLM should be allowed to apply the value of wood or other forest products withdrawn as compensation for the costs of services received, apply surplus project revenues to other approved administrative projects, select contracts and agreements on the basis of „best value“ and award a contract or agreement for up to ten years to encourage long-term investment in local community. Trust contracts can be used for treatments to improve, preserve or restore the health of forests or land; Restoring or maintaining water quality Improving the habitat of fish and wildlife; and reduce hazardous fuels that pose risks to communities and ecosystem values. The following two integrated raw material timber contracts must be used when the value of the wood exceeds the cost of services. The first order is for wood measured after harvest (scale) and the second contract is for wood measured before removal (tree measurement). Agreements can be used for the awarding of trust contracts. The following agreements were provided as an example of how forest service management agreements are being implemented. There may be updates for official models of stewardship agreements since these examples were published. Forest service staff should visit the internal Grants and Agreements site to search for the current version of the model that can be used to develop a new trust agreement. The granting of trust includes natural resource management practices to promote closer cooperation with local communities in a wide range of activities that improve soil conditions. These projects are shifting the centre of gravity of the federal forest and land management to a desired future resource state. They are also a tool for federal authorities to contribute to the development of sustainable rural communities, to restore and maintain healthy forest ecosystems, and to create an ongoing source of local income and employment.

The purpose of the Tribal Forest Protection Act (TFPA) is to cooperate with tribes to improve forest health in both the agency`s areas and tribal areas. The Agency`s management for the use of integrated resource services contracts can be located in Forest Service Manual 6309.32, the Federal Procurement Regulations Manual, including Chapter 4G37.